How to install:

From android phone you can install application directly from Google's android market by clicking  HERE

If above link doesn't work, you can alternatively
download installation file directly from :

Current version is 1.4 Beta (Released: 2011.01.27).

Version 1.4 changed/added:
-fixed multiple "[Still at.." in one line
-reduced memory usage

Version 1.3 (released 24.12.2010) changed/added:
-Fixing: Updates longer than 1 min might not get GPS position especially while driving.
-Improving: Battery life for updates longer than 1min.
-New Feature: motion detection which will optionally switch OFF GPS when mobile is not moving.
-Enabling and disabling speed disclosing + km/h MPH switch.
-Improving: Application will be running as service to enable run and forget usage
with specifying time when it should terminate-TTL in background.
So when u need to share your location for next 7 hours but do not want to
remember to switch it off afterwards you can set it up during startup.
-New: usage of CELL towers and WIFI to get position info.
For releases after 1.3 we are planning to add:


Next version:
-Scalability: Adding more servers as needed. We are already
                   reaching our servers limits and we are adding
                   more server power for Europe.

-More User's control over his  channel/website's time to live.

On 1st. October 2010 we added also more direct visualisations.
Same page is visible for you when you get your own page
like which you can make even shorter
by using Alternatively you can use directly
other visualisations:      Shows same page as 3D
    button on main page (i.e. google earth plugin+2D map).  Shows simpliest image of your
    position (works also on very old phones and browsers).   Redirects to and
    shows your last position (no updates as you move).  Redirects to and
    shows your LIVE position (updates are done as you move).     Sends kml file containing your
    last known position.   Sends kml file containing KML
     network link. If you use this option in Google earth, you
     will see your position updated  as you move.

If you have any request for feature please contact support
personnel from main page.
Application is developed for Android systems >=2.1 and is
continuously  tested on: Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire, Motorola MileStone, HTC Hero and HTC WildFire .
First version for Android was released on 2010/09/08.    

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