What is original idea behind this project?:
     Need to quickly SHOW my POSITION&MOVEMENT in real time so others could sync with me ONLY WHEN its NEEDED without
     overhead of calling or installing  any  software and WITHOUT any REGISTRATION.
    To reuse mobile's gps in notebook for Google Earth (KML live server). Synchronization of movement/logistic with simplicity for anybody
    ALL FREEE as is google earth!  NO HIDDEN strings attached NO ADDED SPYWARE||ADWARE||MARKETCRAPWARE!

What do I need?:
      IPhone 3GS or 4 or Android  phone like Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire or any web browser witch supports html 5 geolocation
      like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.
     Its simple as with browser solution you have to just open webpage. However you have to keep webpage open and active in order to keep
     updates comming from your phone. To tackle this you can install our dedicated native application  for mobiles/devices with android >=2.1
    You can find installation package HERE

    -Customers eagerly awaits your arrival but despite of all your efforts ,daily life is filled with all kind of unpredictable events so you  start ourr
      application click  send sms which will prefill sms :" You can see my movement and setup proximity alert at "http://exooc.com/9cp77b" for
      next 12 hours." click and all done within 20 sec.
    -Returning CDs to my friend, he could wait me on doorsteps just when I stopped my car in front of his house so I could faster arrange remaining
      daily appointments/tasks.
    -Car trip to visit my parents, they can track me where I am without calling me asking where I am and if everything is ok plus if they must call me
      they know when its suitable as they can see/set alarm real time if i stopped for fuel/traffic jam etc.
    -Concerts, while with friends on concert we quite often got lost and had troubles to find each other again... voice calling was no go- try to hear
      anything with cool but extra loud music.
    -Driving and exploring surrounding with laptop running Google Earth with enabled cool 3D view and Place of interest(like gas stations,
      geographic features etc)  while connected to your  mobile's GPS.

Uhh so it is one of those solutions which endangers my privacy?:
    Partially yes- But  everything(continuouse effort) is done to mittigate privacy issues in such way that benefits will outrun possible privacy
    related issues. For example on our server we store just last 12 positions in memory only and you have control how long your identity has
    to be kept  active and after that period is all deleted. Plus there is mode where your position is never sent out of your phone to internet just to
     your Network OR/And Notebook with Google Earth or other applications. So how does it work: When u start application unique web
    address is generated where anybody can see u if they  know address which is short - so  but at same time contains password-unknown

  On main page  http://exooc.com  you can see demo person movement. On the right side from map you can select available visualisations.

    Same page is visible for you when you get your own page like exooc.com/abcd
    Alternatively you can use directly other visualisations:
    exooc.com/abcd-3D      Shows same page as 3D button on main page (i.e. page with google earth plugin and 2D map).
    exooc.com/abcd-image  Shows simpliest image of your position (works also on very old phones and browsers).
    exooc.com/abcd-gmap   Redirects to maps.google.com and shows your last position (no updates as you move).
    exooc.com/abcd-lgmap  Redirects to maps.google.com and shows your LIVE position (updates are done as you move).
    exooc.com/abcd-kml     Sends kml file containing your last known position.
    exooc.com/abcd-nlkml   Sends kml file containing KML network link. If you use this option in Google earth, you will see your position
                                             updated  as you move.

Example of visualization in 3D (uses google earth browser plugin):